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    Get (AccountName) in calculated field...



      Get (AccountName) in calculated field...


      I want a field to show the User Name that the person signed in with.


      I created a new field and slap it on a layout...

      I define the field as a needing a calculated result.


      I put in the calculation


      Get (AccountName)

      [The account name signed in with is mccarverrd, so I'm expecting it to say "mccarverd" in the field... BUT 


      And what is my result?  Sometimes it yields "AccountName" and sometimes it yields "777."


      I'd be much obliged if someone can explain my faulty logic... 

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          Try this: 

          1. Change the field type from text to calculation.
          2. Enter get ( accountname )
          3. click the storage options button and specify "do not store...."
          4. Pull down the result type drop down in the lower left corner and select "text" instead of the "number" default type.

          You should now see the account name of the current user appear on your layout.