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    get (AccountName), get (userName)



      get (AccountName), get (userName)


           Afternoon All,

           I am running FM12 adv running on a Mac OS 10.7.5.

           I have two calculation fields.  One for get (AccountName) and one for get (userName).  Get user name is showing my mac system name and is behaving as expected.  

           Get (AccountName) always results in 'Admin' regardless of which user I log into FM as.  I have currently 3 user accounts

           what am I missing?

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               UserName is controlled by a preference setting. Change computers or change computer user accounts and you may see a different user name. It has nothing to do with what password was used to access the database.

               AccountName is the account used to open the file. If you are always seeing "Admin" then the Admin account is what was used to open the file. I can't from here tell you precisely why that is the case.

               Here are some details you can investigate:

               The account name and password you use to access your computer is NOT the data used to open your database unless external authentication has been set up for it. File Options, a setting inside FileMaker, can be set to automatically open the file with a specified account and password. Thus, you can open the file and not get asked to enter an account name and password as the system entered that data for you when it opened. It's also possible to open one FileMaker file with a password and it may automatically open another file. If the second file is set to auto-enter a password in File Options, it may open with a different account name and password than what you entered to open the first file.

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                 Thanks Phil

                 With this filemaker database, I have 3 FM accounts, Admin, Donald and Andrew.  Each has full privs and a password.  The result for AccountName was Admin regardless of which account I used. This was after a restart and ensuring that no other files were open.

                 I am beggining to think there is a more significant problem.  File Option>Login using is unchecked.  I am unable to get to a login password window at all now.  I am also able to change all passwords without entering passwords.  

                 I had to restore from timemachine about an hour ago.  I wonder if there is a corruption

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                   What version of fileMaker are you using? How are you checking the AccountName?

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                     I am using Filemaker Advance 12.0v2

                     I have calculation field that uses get(AccountName) resulting in text

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                       If the calcualtion field is not an unstored calculation, it will not correctly update with the current account name.

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                         The field storage option do not store calculation results is unchecked.


                         I have done the following:

                         1) Deleted all user accounts, accept Admin. 

                         2) I have changed the file option so that login using is not checked

                         3) I have regained the login window at file start. (Observation: the default login name is Donald Martin - the system name)

                         4) I have added an account Fred with full privilidges and a password

                         5) I have lost the login window again

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                                (Observation: the default login name is Donald Martin - the system name)

                           This is normal. FileMaker tries to be "helpful" by automatically entering the current user name as the account name. This makes you clear that text and enter different text if you want to log in with a different account.

                           Nothing you described in your last posts explains why the log in window did not appear. I'd double check file options just to be sure.

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                             Thanks Again

                             There appears to be 2 issues now here.  First the login options as currently set are shown in the attached screenshot.  The file logins in auto without a  security login window

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                               Second Issue

                               Account Name.  I've created a new file to test.  This still giving me an expected answer .  Can I send you the file?


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                                 Hmmm, on my windows system, that should result in a password dialog each time the file is opened. Try restarting your computer and then open the file. Perhaps the file was already open but hidden. (A long shot, but let's be sure here.)

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                                   I have restored an archive version from yesterdays timemachine and the login is behaving as expected.  I assume that my restore contained a corruption frown


                                   On a positive the Account Name is now working - do not evaluate if empty was the cause - cool

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                                     I have reverted to a backup from yesterday's TimeMachine.  This has now resolved the security login issue.  I guess the previous restore contained a corruption.  Thankfully not a major loss.

                                     I thought I had resolved the get(AccountName) issue also but alas.  I had some success when editing the field and removing the 'do not eveluate if empty' checkbox.  This updated the field to the correct answer but only until i login as another account.  It seems the calculation is not updating. I am not storing calculation results as per the attached screenshot

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                                       Clear the global storage check box, you don't want global storage and select the "do not store calculation results" check box instead.

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                                         The login prompt issue is reoccuring.  I think I will open a seperate thread which you can find here:


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