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Get (ActiveLAyoutObjectName) on a button

Question asked by dob85y on Jan 14, 2010
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Get (ActiveLAyoutObjectName) on a button


I am trying to use this to get a button to identify itself and make its name as a variable, but the pressing of the button dosnt make it "active", yet the help file uses this very example.


Here is my script step: Set Variable [$BinSelected; Value:Get (ActiveLayoutObjectName)]


This button is named FitA1, so I want the press of that button to return a variable in $BinSelected as FitA1

I then want to add a letter to this variable to Identify a field to select via set field or go to object. Eg if I added & "q" to the above Set Variable, then I am hoping to have that variable select the field named FitA1q.


Is there another step in the calculation window?


What am I missing?


I am usint FM9 Pro on windows xp, and my expierence level is not that great.