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    Get (Desktop) Function



      Get (Desktop) Function


           I have a script to save a pdf report to my desktop using the following set variable steps;

           1. Set Variable name is: $$Filename

           2. Value of: "File:"&Get(DesktopPath) (Sales::EquipmentDescription&" "&"Document.pdf")

           3. Saves records as: $$Filename; Current Record

           This has been working well until today I started getting the error message" Name.Pdf could not be created on this disk. Use a different name ........

           Do you have a suggestion how I can rewrite this strict step to make it work once again?

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               If it has worked in the past and you have made no changes, the problem would not appear to be with how the calculation is written. Either the values in the referenced fields are producing an invalid file name or file path or there is a permissions or available space issue with your computer.

               First thing that I'd check is the value in EquipmentDescription at the time the step executed. Could there be a character in that field that isn't allowed as part of a file name?

               "File:"&Get(DesktopPath) (Sales::EquipmentDescription&" "&"Document.pdf")

               Looks like something that should produce a syntax error when you try to close the dialog box. Is there a missing & in what you typed?

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                 As soon as you related about the possibility of a syntax error it alerted me to the pdf file itself and sure enough

                 the document.pdf was saving a "/" because a user was trying to split a word with /.

                 Thanks as always.

                 Happy Holidays!


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                   Filter can be a very helpful function for removing illegal characters from the file name part of your calculation.