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Get (Foundcount) Function

Question asked by dnnkpp on Mar 17, 2010
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Get (Foundcount) Function


Snow Leopard, MBP, FMP 6.0 and FMP 10v3

I have two files A and B. I have set up a script in A to execute an external script in B that uses the Get (Foundcount) function. The script works without a hitch in B and places the correct number in the designated field. I have established a relationship between A and B. In A, I have a field that uses the relationship to show the Get (Foundcount) from B.


In FMP 6.0, this worked flawlessly (the function then was named Status(CurrentFoundCount). When I converted the files to FMP 10, the relationship appears to work improperly as it reports a value of "1" instead of correct value of 58 as FMP 6.0 does.


Does anyone have an explanation as why this is happening? Thanks for any help you might provide.