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Question asked by productionQC on Sep 22, 2014
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Get (LastMessageChoice) HELP



When a user starts the link file (FMP Database used to load main db off server) to the database on FMS 13 they are greeted by the standard FMP window requesting a username and password.  If they enter the correct info obviously the database opens.  However, if they click cancel, the database does not open and they are left with a blank FMP window and all menus.  I do not want this to happen.  If a user pushes "Cancel" I would like FMP to just quit, no leaving them access to the program itself and its menus.  I have been trying to accomplish this as follows...

Set Error Capture [On]                                
Open File ["MAIN DB"]                          ##user is prompted at this stage for username and password
If [Get (LastMessageChoice)=2]
  Exit Application
  Close File [Current File]

Seeing as how the username and password is actually being prompted by the file being loaded off the server I have also tried applying these script commands to the start-up script on the server file.  Neither seems to work.  If the user presses "Cancel", they are left with FMP still running on a grey screen and menus.  Can some on help with ideas how to accomplish an application exit if they press cancel. 

thank you!