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Get a summary calculation based on certain criteria

Question asked by tracylynn1212 on Sep 25, 2012
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Get a summary calculation based on certain criteria



     I am stuck on something. I have a layout that has general customer information. On the layout is a portal (sourced to a different related table that pulls up items to put in the portal). Below is a basic example of entries that could be made on the portal (pretend each word is a field entry and each line is a portal line entry):

     Product A     Series 2     $5.00

     Product A     Series 8     $10.00

     Product B     Series 6     $7.00

     Product A     Series 3     $3.00

     I have a calculation set already to get the total of the portal dollar amount (in this case it would be $25.00).

     What I am trying to get is a summary of only certain items in the portal. For example, I want to know the total dollar amount for all Product A entries in the portal (so in this case it would be $18.00).

     I have a separate calculation field for all three of my product types (ex: Product A, Product B, and Product C). What I have set isn't working though.

     For instance, my Product A field is set with a calculation of: If (Product::Product Type = "Product A"; Sum (Product::Amount))

     All it returns is the value of the first portal line item for Product A ($5.00), not the total of all portal line items for Product A ($18.00).

     Any thoughts on where I might be going wrong? I keep tweaking at it but seem to get farther away from my goal.

     Thank you!