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    get account password



      get account password


      Guys, Is there any function to get the user input in account password field while logon?

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          No. And I would be very concerned if there was ;)

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            If there was one it could be useful to use a calculation to login to external data source (odbc).

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              So you originally asked if you could "get the user input". I interpreted that to mean that you want to extract what the user typed in the password section of the login dialog.


              Did you mean to ask if you could "PUT the user input" in account password field?

              If so, then Yes - there is a script step called Re-Login. This allows both the Account Name and the Password to be calculated input.

              Is that what you were looking for?

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                Trying to get the user input in the password field to pass it as calculation for external datasources (odbc) connection.


                Its done at driver lever (with end user getting a stupid login message) if username and password is not stored in the external datasource in which case FM doesn't know which username and password was used to login to SQL without quering SQL database. But if you store, it applies to all users which is dumb and lazy programming from Filemaker.


                One should always be concered regardless when using FM which cannot encrypt password or has a password field without using dialog box.<!-- POLLS --><!-- FILES --><!-- SIGNATURE -->

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                  How hard it could be for FM to offer a script step to login to odbc or create odbc connection with calculation in 1 year? Lazy is the word for FM Engineers.


                  On 2nd thoughts, they may be saving this feature for version 12. One reason for considering upgrade...

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                    Sorry, I am lost as to what you are asking for.

                    Have you put in a feature request? You would need to explain it better however.

                    I think your comments about FM Engineers being lazy are unfair and uninformed.

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                      Well thats my ipinion and I can say that because I reported a bug when 9 was released and its still not fixed.


                      If you try connecting to SQL without storing user and password in both FM and ODBC connection, you will understand what do I mean.