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    get an object name



      get an object name


      I have tree pop up menus . I gave each of a popup menu name, for example(DS, DS2  and DS3) in  position of name field.
      My question is that I write a script, which is to find a different popup menu  by using object name to navigate to that section and then replace the value, but I am still wondering that is any get function that I can use to get
      object name. 


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          There is no such function.

          In many cases where you might need to capture the object name of an object that you just clicked, you can pass the object name as a script parameter for the script trigger or button setup as a way to get the object name into the script.

          And don't forget that you can capture the actual field name of the field with the cursor via Get ( ActiveFieldName ). Your object name may be the same as your field name or something that can be derived from it.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk

            It is really helpful.  
            Just solve that problem