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Get data from the second field in a value list?

Question asked by EmelieLeht on Nov 19, 2014
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Get data from the second field in a value list?



I am building a form for a shipping register. On this form I want to have a field Customer with a popup menu where the user easy can chose customer from a list. The customers are all listed in the table Contacts and have a field, Relation, which is set to "Customer". There is also a field in the shipping table with a field Relation which is auto-set to "Customer" adna relationship is defined between the Relation fields in these tables.

I have so far managed to create a valuelist based on the relationship that shows all contacts marked as "Customer":
First field = Relation
Second field = Company name
and I display only second fields in the valuelist.

So far so good.

However, I need to perform a find based on the company name to also get the adress for the company. But in the field with the popup menu, only the data from the valuelists first field is stored (according to

The link above suggests a lookup to retrieve the data from the second field but I do not see how this would work for me since the related records are all contacts marked as "Customer".

How do I get hold of the company name for my choen value list item so that I can perform my find? Any suggestions welcome. Or if there are simpler/more functional ways to automatically retrieve the customer adress as soon as customer company is chosen I would be glad to know!

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