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get list of records based on date

Question asked by ShawnFitzgerald on Sep 20, 2014
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get list of records based on date


You guys are so good with everything I hope you can help.  I cannot seem to wrap my mind around dates in a find I have read global fields and performing find but I am not understanding the concept behind it.  So a couple of Questions First.

Global Field: I see in scripts you use the global field but no where in the script does it input anything in this global field Why is it neccasary and what does it do?

Perform find:  I see that in scripts you use the perform find and then there are no conditions in it, its just a Enter Find Mode[] .   Why is there nothing in the brackets can I put something in the brackets?

Set Field: I dont understand setting a field in  a perform find I mean they way it looks in the example scripts your setting a field that already has data in it and its the date thats already in it your trying to search against.  So I dont understand why you use the SET FIELD shouldnt it be called something else or because your in find mode it isnt actualy the field your setting its the data your searching for in that field?


Ok those questions aside this is all I am trying to do and I thought it would be simple I have a table I am viewing in list mode layout but the only records I want it to display have two criteria.  this is all this layout will ever display.

1. In the Field Table::Fire It should say "yes"

2. Show only Records that have The Date in Field Table::Due date That is before the current date and then sort those records with the date that is the oldest to be shown first..

Basically I want to show me all the records that are due because the current date has passed the Due date.

I know you will have some easy script but I have tried useing the easy scripts shown in other posts and on the knowledge base and it doesent work and I think its cause I am not fully understanding the Global Field and the Perform find function.

Thank you For all your Help