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    Get number in value list



      Get number in value list


           Hello everybody,

           I think it will not be very difficult, but I can't figure it out.

           If a user selects a value of a value list, I want to know if it is the first or the last value of the value list.

           To make it easier for the user I have a button "select all" and then everything is selected form the first value until the last value. (Works all fine).  To make it even more easy, I want to give the fields another color if everything is selected, so the user can see immediately if all values are selected.

           Thanks in advance,

           Hans Lijnbach

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               To test if a specific value has been selected in a value list where multiple values are permitted:

               Not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( YourTable::Field ; "Value" ) )

               Will be true only if "Value" is a value in the list of values entered/selected inf/for YourTable::Field.

               To test and see if all values in the value list are selected:

               ValueCount ( FilterValues ( YourTable::Field ; ValueListItems ( Get ( fileName ) ; "YourValueListNameInQuotesHere"  ) ) = ValueCount ( ValueListItems ( Get ( fileName ) ; "YourValueListNameInQuotesHere"  )

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                 Thanks for your support Phil,

                 My problem was "ValueListItems", couldn't find that function in Dutch, but thanks to your explanation I could find it.

                 Hans Lijnbach