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Get Object name of a tab

Question asked by miw on Sep 26, 2010
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Get Object name of a tab


I have a layout with two Control tabs, named Tab1 and Tab2.  In Tab 1 I have another set of tab controls named Tab1A and Tab 1B.  On the layout, I have a button that will take someone to an information screen and I want to have a button on that screen which will return to the previous layout and proper Tab (such as Tab 1B) within that Layout.  I want to use scripting for this by setting a variable for the SubTab name.  I can script to capture the Layout Name via a script which I can then use to return me to the Layout but not the specific Tab and SubTab (Tab 1B) within that layout.  What is the scripting for Getting the Tab name so that I can use that variable to return me to the Specific Layout, Tab and Sub Tab?