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    Get Picture From Another filed



      Get Picture From Another filed



      I want to create a employees catalog,

      I have employee ID filed & Picture (container) field.

      I want when i put on local folder jpg pic on name id (like the employee id) he show up on the picture filed ?

      Thanks Zahi




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          Both Insert Picture or Import records | folder might be used to insert a reference to or a copy of the image file into a field of type container. You can also set it up so that user can drag and drop their picture file into a container field--which will be easier to set up than getting the picture from the folder.

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            Let me explain better again

            I use web published, and i have employee card

            id field = number 

            when i going to save a employee name on local = id field by name

            I want automator when i put file and write the employee id its put automatically the picture (container field)


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              There is more than one way to web publish FileMaker and the current version that you are using makes a huge difference.

              But I do not know of any way for a Web Browser client to access data on the user's local computer.

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                I have 200 employees on my company

                I create a layout in the layout i have some fields.

                I have 2 important field :

                1. ID

                2. Picture

                I want when i saved on my local disk (local folder) picture that is name employee id its show up on picture field.

                BUT i want its auto its mean.....

                I create a new employee an fill in all its all information...when i put its id number i want that field take the picture that i saved before from the local disk and show the picture in the picture field.



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                  Then insert the photo into a container field and do not use the "store a reference" option when doing so. Put this container field in the employee's employee record or link a record with this container field to that record.

                  Note: there are some other options that might work besides embedding the picture like this, but that depends on how you publish the database to the web. Custom web publishing? Instant Web publishing or Web Direct are all different ways that you might publish a FileMaker DB to the web.