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    Get radio button selected value



      Get radio button selected value



      I have created a value list which picks values from a table in Filemaker and creates radio buttion list dynamically.I would like some help in retreiving which values the user has selected in a script and filter the data the script retrives based on that.


      Please be specific.I am very new in using the filemaker scripts.




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          The value the user has selected is simply the content of the field.

          greetings from gemany


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            If you have a radio button field with these values: Apple, Orange, Pear, you can use this test:

            RadioButtonField = "Apple"

            Inside an If script step  or inside an If function to determine if "Apple" was selected. If users are permitted to make multiple selections (By holding down the shift key), You'd need a more sophisticated test to check and see if any one value in the list was selected:

            Not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( RadioButtonField ; "Apple" ) )

            One way to check the actual contents of a radio button or check box group formatted field is to place a copy of the field next to but formatted as an Edit box. This can be a useful experiment to learn what is actually stored in the field when a user clicks the radio buttons or check boxes.

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              Thanks for replying.Basically i am a .net programmer.So,in .net i will assign a ID to radiobutton list and reading of the values can be done using radiobuttonid.selectedvalue...

              In Filemaker,i have created the radiobutton list by choosing Display values from and then from there created a new value list assigned to a column in Filemaker table say "A" .

              Now my question is like how i refer an id to get values of radio button selected in .net,which name should i refer to get the radiobutton selected in Filemaker?I need that value to be retrived in a script to filter the same table "A" and displyed data related to the radio button seleted.




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                The value selected is simply the value entered into the field. Please try my suggestion with using an edit box as an experiment and all should become clear to you.

                If you click the radio button for "apple", the text "apple" is entered into the field. Thus, radio button (and also checkbox ) formatting are simply techniques for controlling what value selected from a value list is entered into the field.

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                  Hi  PhilModJunk thanks for replaying back.

                  It worked.

                  Thanks a lot again.

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                    This really helped me, I was having trouble with a similar issue.


                    Making the box to display the radio button made me realize that the tables were unrelated. I fixed that and now my script works!