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    Get results and populate a portal



      Get results and populate a portal


      How would I get the results in FMP 11 from below

      Select “Fieldname”, from “Table1” 

      Select “Fieldname”, from “Table2”  

      Select “Fieldname”, from “Table3”

      Where “Fieldname” = “field2” from “table3”  

      Return “Fieldname 1”, ““Fieldname 2”, “Fieldname 3” FROM “Table2”

      And have the results populate a portal

      Tables1,2,3,4 are related together

      Thank you very much

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          Can you give a more detailed example with actual data? And please describe the relationships linking your tables?

          Don't see any connection between "fieldname" in Table 1 to the results you specify at the end.

          Even using SQL in other DB's requires join clauses to document the relationships between your tables. We can't use SQL in FileMaker, but you still have that requirement which is set up in Manage | Database.