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      I'm new to filemaker and have a simple question.

      I have a field "State". I want to create a new Filed "MI" that is the total count of records containing "MI' in the State field..

      So if my layout looks like this the "MI" Field would return "2" records

      State   Zip             Pieces

      IL        60195            10

      MI       45246             9

      MI       45245             6 

      Total MI   2

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          I can imagine a number of different ways that you might set that up.

          ExecuteSQL could produce such a count.

          A self join on the State field, or using a calculation field that always returns "MI" could also be used.

          IN other cases a summary field in a filtered portal might be used

          And a summary report could give you a list of one row for each unique value in the state field with a count of how many records with that value in that row.