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Get Summary based on 2 criterias

Question asked by PatrickHolzer on Feb 16, 2009
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Get Summary based on 2 criterias




I've got a field called "orders_shipped_total" where I summarize the quantity of all orders if their status is "shipped"; it looks like this:


Case(Order_Status="shipped" ; Order_Quantity ; "")

... from there, I have a Summary-Field that totals the "Order_Quantity"


So far so good...


Now, I want to know the total only for the last 30 days.


So, I created a field called "Date_Minus30" which looks like this (and works fine):



The problem is:


I want to have something like this (in words):


Sum up all orders if:

A) their status is "shipped"

B) the order date is more recent than "Date_Minus30"


I just don't know how to combine two criterias into one Summary Field.



- Patrick