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Get the value of selected (clicked) checkbox

Question asked by GFS on Oct 26, 2012
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Get the value of selected (clicked) checkbox



     I've been going round in circles on this for some time.  I'm trying to get the value of a 'checkbox set' when a value/button has been clicked on it.  (IOW, a checkbox set with say 5 values, 3 are selected and I want to get the value of the next one clicked).

     The checkbox field is global and being used as a match field.  It is populated by the values from another field.  I'm specifically using a checkbox, because I want to be able to select multiple values.

     I have found that I can get the value of the checkbox field using onObjectValidate trigger, but it gives me ALL of the values selected in the checkbox and not just the one that's being clicked.

     I'm not against using a portal instead, but can't see a way of populating a portal with the values of the valuelist (checkbox) without them being repeated many times (as per number of records that contain the values).

     Can anyone help me with this?