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    get value / parameters from website



      get value / parameters from website


      Hi everybody, 

      my issue is really simple, let see if there is a simple solution...


      I m creating a database which needs to update some data with ( i.e.) rate exchange, so any time I open my database I need my file connect Internet ( if available ) update a rate value , if internet connection is not available then will keep old value.


      Now how can I fill a field with a " external data " from internet web-site , i.e. Yahoo finance change currency section?


      thank for your help

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          You can use a web viewer to "scrape" the web page that you want the data for. This has advantages and disadvantages. There are lots of web wiewer scraping examples out there on the net.


          Second, if Yahoo offers a web service, then you can grab the data that way. A plugin can help with it. FMNexus has one.