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Get value from (indirectly) related table

Question asked by BenOtto on Feb 9, 2015
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Get value from (indirectly) related table


Dear community,

I still encounter a problem that I previously tried to describe in a previous post.

I seem to have made the description way to complicated so I'd like to put it in a new post in a very simple way:


Given three tables (Main, table 1 and table 2) with the following fields and relations:

Main_Table: UID_main, main_info, copied_info (calculated textfield)

Table_1: UID_table1, relation_mainTable, relation_Table2 (ALL three fields are required to be unique!)

Table_2: UID_table2, further_info


The relations are as follows:

Main_Table is linked to Table_1 via (UID_main = relation_mainTable) and 

Table_2 is linked to Table_1 via (UID_table2 = relation_relationTable2)

=> In other words: Main_Table and Table_2 are not directly linked but indirectly via Table_1

Note: via definition of fields in table_2 there will always be only one single unique match between Main_Table and Table_2.


My Problem:

How do I copy the value from Table_2::further_info to Main_Table::copied_info via some calculation (not via script but via field-internal calculation)?

I would like "Main_Table::copied_info" to be a text field with a calculated vaule. But that doesn't seem to work, whatever I do. I tried the following calculations:


GetField (Table_2::further_info; "") 

Lookup ( Table_2::further_info ) 


Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong and how I can copy the value?