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           Morning Guys


           I am trying to make one of my scripts more generic but i cannot figure out how to get the get(activetablename) and Get(activefieldname) to work.

           Here is what i have so far:


           @Numbers = TextFormatRemove (Filter (Get ( ActiveFieldTableName )Get ( ActiveFieldName )); "0123456789"); 



           Any input would be appreciated





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               hmmm what exactly are you trying to do? (using the character @ in a field name is fraught with danger - don't)

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                 Yes, what exactly are you trying to achieve?  The end result of getting the table and field name.

                 This might help you, though: GetFieldName Function

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                   Just a guess here:

                   TextFormatRemove (Filter (GetField ( Get ( ActiveFieldTableName ) & "::" & Get ( ActiveFieldName ) ) ); "0123456789")

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                     Hi guys, thanks for the replies,


                     Phil i havent been in the office today so havent had a chance to try your suggestion.


                     The script is to validate a phone number, and the script step that i am stuck on is the first if statement. The whole of the first if statement is:



                     @Numbers = TextFormatRemove (Filter(Get ( ActiveFieldName ); "0123456789")); 
                     Length(@Numbers)  ≠  11
                     Basically instead of having to adapt the script everytime i use it for a different phone number field i want it to be generic, i.e.
                     instead of specifying Employees::work_phone within the script i want to use the get(active table name) and the get (active field name) to calculate the field name and come out with the result of Employees::work_phone.
                     Hope this makes sense frown
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                       Personally, in most cases, I wouldn't have more than one phone number field that I'd place in a  related table of phone numbers, but what I suggested earlier should work for what you want to do here.

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                         Hi Phil


                         I just tried out your solution and it works perfectly, thank you very much.


                         The reason i wanted a 'generic' phone number validation script is because i will have two tables, one to log employee details and one to log company details. The solution will then be issued to my clients and should i need to make a change to the script in the future i wanted to ensure that i then didnt have to make changes hundreds of field references.