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Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName) does not work.

Question asked by tobiev on Oct 29, 2012
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Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName) does not work.



     As per the instructions ....
          Returns the object name of the active layout object in the calculation's current window; otherwise, returns an empty string.
          There is a named button on the current layout called cancelButton. When the focus is on the button, Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName) returns cancelButton.
     I have and get focus on my (named) button because the different styles of Normal, In Focus, Hover and Pressed actually work !
     However the following does not work.  
     It can not pick up the Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName)
     I end up with a NULL value
     First line of the script attached to the button is to record which button pressed....
     Set Variable $ButtonPressed to Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName)
     Is it that by the time the script runs the button does not have focus any more or what ?? It is the last thing to have focus !
     Can anyone please help me ?