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get(activeportalrownumber) not working

Question asked by JamesCarr on Jan 16, 2013
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get(activeportalrownumber) not working


     I am trying to use Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) in a loop. Basically I have records in a portal sorted (ascending) by a number field. Depending on the number of rows in the portal I want to set a check field for the lowest.

     Example 5 portal rows set the lowest portal row to "x", 6 portal rows set the 2 lowest rows to "x' and so on until I reach a certain number.

     The script i have has go to portal row(first): go to field Num so taht should be my active portal but the  Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) is aways showing 0

     I set up a test field to try to show the correct number but it always shows 0 even when I click on the field in the row

     What am I doing wrong?