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Question asked by jimdandee on Nov 25, 2014




Issue: FileMaker does not always return the correct File Path when the ‘Get ( FilePath )’ function is used.

When I open an FM file directly from its stored location, and I use the ‘Get ( FilePath )’ function, it returns the path where the file is stored, however if the file is opened remotely from another users computer the ‘Get ( FilePath )’ function returns something like “fmnet:/”, which is not technically the File Path, it’s the Hosted Path.

There are times when I want to create PDF reports, and have the file save to the same folder where the FM file exists, however I’ve only been able to accomplish this by setting a global field to the path where the file exists. Is there is a method for getting the actual File Path (not the Hosted Path) whether the file is opened directly or remotely?