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      What is the best way to imprint a layout name in a layout?

      I have 100s of layouts that now need their actual layout name on their headers. I've tried to setup a field with the Get(LayoutName) calculation but it's returning a "?"

      Any help is appreciated!

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          Put Get ( LayoutName ) in an unstored calculation field set to return text and it should work when placed on each layout in your solution. However, since each layout may refer to a different table in your system, you may need to define multiple copies of this field throughout your database.

          You may want to use a global variable inside a merge text box (FileMaker 11 only) to display the same name:


          An OnLayoutEnter script trigger can use:

          Set Variable [$$LayoutName ; value: Get ( LayoutName ) ]

          to set the value each time you enter the layout.

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            It works, thanks Phil!