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    Get(RecordNumber) help needed



      Get(RecordNumber) help needed


           Is it possible to have a calculation based on Get(RecordNumber) that will return the Record numbers in a related table

           as 1 - 2 - 3 etc  


           It works ok in a sorted portal ok -  but outside of this  I get eg; 345 - 367 - 400  (the unsorted tables record numbers )





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               Is this what your looking for:

               {{RecordNumber}} of {{FoundCount}} / {{TotalRecordCount}}

               I use this in the header of all layouts & Hide the toolbar.  Always shows 1, 2, 3 of found count:

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                 Thanks steve

                 How do you compile for a calculation field? sorry I am pretty much an amateur

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                   Don't quite follow you.  Where are you seeing your random numbers. Is this a field on your layout like a primary or foreign key?  A screen shot or 2 may help.

                   If you just want a field to be a calculation field:  Manage Database>Fields tab.  Click on a field (highlight blue), then over at the bottom right of the window you see 'Type' drop down menu.  Change to calculation, and if you want to proceed after the warning, a calculation window will pop up.  From there you can do a calculation, and click Ok until you are all the way out.

                   Before you do that, let's make sure that's what you want to do before you change a field and lose some data.

                   Don't worry about asking questions.  I'm still new too, and people like to help.

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                     You can also use the Insert>Record Number to include the record number symbol '@@' on your layouts, then define a field say, Found_Count as an unstored calculation = Get(FoundCount), type number and define another field, say Record_Count as an unstored calculation = Get(TotalRecordCount). then

                     to display your {{RecordNumber}} of {{FoundCount}} / {{TotalRecordCount}}

                     you then include @@ of Found_Count / Record_Count on your layout (Note...the 'of' and the slash are just text, the others are fields)

                     the @@ also works in portals, displaying the record number of the related records