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Get(UUID) Speed vs Serial Number

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Apr 20, 2012
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Get(UUID) Speed vs Serial Number


Perhaps this question should be addressed to the engineers and perhaps Filemaker 12 has been optimized for the long string.

1) How will using Get(UUID) as a link relationships affect the speed of portals, searching and other common uses?

I am converting file to use Get(UUID) instead of the serialized ids so that my records won't have conflicts when imported from various devices during a sync, etc.

2) Has anyone done any large table testing on this for portals and searches?

3) Does the Get(UUID) face a sort or search problem because of its length?

4) Would it be wiser to roll my own using something like:

ComputerID & timestamp & ( serialnumber or random )

I suppose the answer might be that using get(uuid) could be used for any imported data from any source using its own UUID. So:

5) Is Filemaker's Get(UUID) it's own unique concept or does it conform to some uniform concept used by others?