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GetField() and Set Field By Name

Question asked by antonjazz_1 on Jan 26, 2009
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GetField() and Set Field By Name


It appears that the Set Field By Name script step expects to be passed

a field name that includes the table name (e.g. "table::phone"),

whereas the GetField() function expects to be passed a field name that

does not include the table name. (e.g. simply "phone").

Is that correct?


If so, this seems odd and impractical.


I'm trying to pass a field name as a parameter to a script, so as to process the field specified by the script parameter.


Specifically, I want to make a script that removes all spaces and line breaks from a field specified by its parameter.


But if I pass the full field name, it breaks the GetField() function. My workaround is this (in which I remove the table name and the "::" from the parameter):


Set Field By Name [Get ( ScriptParameter ); Let ( fieldname = Right(Get(ScriptParameter);Length(Get(ScriptParameter)) -

   Position(Get(ScriptParameter);"::";1;1) - 1 ) ;

 Substitute ( Substitute ( GetField (fieldname) ; "¶" ; "" ) ; " " ; "" )



Got a more elegant solution?