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Question asked by JennineHeller on Jul 23, 2012
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I am trying to create a layout with tabs, and to set up a script to be triggered when a particular tab panel is selected. I have created a very simple example, but cannot get it to function. I am using version 11.0v3.

My layout contains a tab control with two tab panels, named "tab1" and "tab2". (These are named not just in the tab control attributes, but in the Inspector as well.)

I have created a script called GetCurrentTab, which is triggered OnObjectModify. I have confirmed that this script is indeed getting triggered.

This script contains very simple logic:

        If  [GetLayoutObjectAttribute("tab1";"isfrontpaneltab")]
                [do something]
        Else If  [GetLayoutObjectAttribute("tab1";"isfrontpaneltab")]
                [do something else]
                [let me know that no front tab panels have been found]
        End If

Neither tab1 nor tab2 is ever identified as the front tab panel. Note that if I explicitly select a tab with GoToObject[Object Name:"tab1"] before my If clause, the front tab is identified correctly.

Any ideas how to get GetLayoutObjectAttribute to function?