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Question asked by CountryBoy1 on Dec 18, 2008
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GetNextSerialValue & Hidden Fields


First Question: 

Can't get GetNextSerialValue to work as a calculation value for a

field.  (I also show this as a single field in the visible header). 

Trying to get it to tell me the next serial number value of my

key index. Have tried many different ways of calling it as a text

(and even a number) return function.

  Second question: 

Can I hide fields that I don't want to be seen ?  (I found that the
field width (in table view) can be squeezed down to make it disappear,
but then I can't expand it again in case I want to check it.)

I use some fields as calculation values that are used for other

fields.  These special calculation fields don't really need to be shown.

  Using Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced.  Thanks for your help.