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    GetNextSerialValue not working



      GetNextSerialValue not working


      I have no clue what is going on...

      Very simple function, why does it not return any result???


      id is the key to the table that I'm on, I also tried rerencing with full format "tablname::fieldname" and no luck either...

      GetNextSerialValue ( get(filename); "id" )

      I thought this was very wierd.. so I created a new database, just one table just one field: id auto enter serial value... And the same calculation works fin???

      Don't know if it could have anthing to do with it, but the file I'm having troubles on was created on Mac OS 10.5.8 and I just updated to 10.7.3

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          This is the exact same problem I'm having right now. My code used to work and after upgrading to version 14, GetNextSerialValue is returning NULL. I've not forgotten the quotes on the field and like the previous posted above, I created a test database and the exact same code works there but not in the solution I'm working on. Please help.

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            Antonio Rivera:

            Thank you for your post.

            If this is working in a new file, then delete the script step with the GetNextSerialValue calculation and recreate it.  Make sure to include the file name and the full fieldName that includes the table name.

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