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GetNthRecord with a nested Get Field Name??

Question asked by JoshHyman on Mar 3, 2011
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GetNthRecord with a nested Get Field Name??


Hi There,

I have a problem in where I need perform conditional formatting on field values from one record to the previous record, I know I can do this using the Self≠ GetNthRecord (SHOWS::W1A ; Get(RecordNumber)-1) formula but I need to apply this to over 400 fields and I don't really wish to provide an independant cell reference for each.

I tried Self≠ GetNthRecord (Getfieldname(self); Get(RecordNumber)-1)  but get the error "In the function Average, Count, Extend, GetRepetition, Max, Min, NPV, StDev, Sum, GetSummary or GetNthRecord, an expression was found where a field alone is needed."

Does anyone know a work around or script solution to get around the field alone is needed restriction?

Many thanks