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    GetNthRecord with a nested Get Field Name??



      GetNthRecord with a nested Get Field Name??


      Hi There,

      I have a problem in where I need perform conditional formatting on field values from one record to the previous record, I know I can do this using the Self≠ GetNthRecord (SHOWS::W1A ; Get(RecordNumber)-1) formula but I need to apply this to over 400 fields and I don't really wish to provide an independant cell reference for each.

      I tried Self≠ GetNthRecord (Getfieldname(self); Get(RecordNumber)-1)  but get the error "In the function Average, Count, Extend, GetRepetition, Max, Min, NPV, StDev, Sum, GetSummary or GetNthRecord, an expression was found where a field alone is needed."

      Does anyone know a work around or script solution to get around the field alone is needed restriction?

      Many thanks


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          Not that I can think of. 400 fields seems an extreme design option here. Why so many different fields in one record?

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            Hi there,

            The database design we are working on is for a Stage Production, each night a line up document is put out that shows each position in the show.

            The postions are contained in about 20 acts and for each act there is about 20 positions, the document is printed for each performance and the conditional formatting is used to show when a performer in the position has changed compared to the previous show. The document runs to about 20 pages so for ease of printing the Show layout (very Graphical) is contained in one layout screen and has about 20 pages of body (hope that makes sense)

            At the moment I using a solution provided by another member as I am a novice so any further suggestions you have would be appreciated, my original post and the model provided can be found Options to hide fields in a portal if they do not contain a certain name (related in another table)

            The data base has a few main funtions.

            1. Record day by day positions.

            2. Show changes to the positions daily

            3. Include a layout for searching both what positions performers have done and which performers can do certain positions.

            4. Track show percentages for each performer by calculating how many positions are performed

            Thanks for your help


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              If I were you I'd be investigating the possibility of setting up a table of related records for your Acts and Positions. That could greatly reduce the number of different fields you have to work with to set this up.

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                Thanks I will start looking at that now. I am a little confused on how that will save the number of fields I need to setup as the layout format for each act is different as are the positions and I need to tie all positions to a single show ID Sorry for the noob questions this is all very new. Would you be able to point me to an example of what you mean? Thanks again.
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                  It won't be a simple set up and may require a radical restructuring of your basic records.

                  You might need a list view of each act that makes up a given performance with portals from each Act record that list the position records specific to that act.

                  Please keep in mind that I'm just tossing out generalized suggestions here. You know the needs of your business and I don't.