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    GetSummary Issue



      GetSummary Issue


           Hi. I am making a database that includes a table that needs to keep records of deposits based on a bank id number and sum them up for a balance. I have fields Bank ID, Deposit, Balance, and Total. My idea is to make Total a summary field equal to Total of Deposit. Then I want to make Balance = GetSummary ( Total ; Bank ID). I had this working for a while and it worked exactly how I wanted it to. Now for some reason it does not work, and I cannot get it to work again. I have even tried making sample new databases to test it out and cannot get this function to work at all. Balance is just a blank field. Any help please?

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               To possibilities to check:

               The records being totaled must be present in the current found set and they must be sorted by Bank ID.

               Don't specify the running total option for Total. If you need a running total for other purposes, define two summary fields, one with the running total specified and one without.

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                 Thanks for the reply!

                 Yeah, the records are present and have a Bank ID in each. Running total is not checked.

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                   Is Balance a calcluation field or a number field with an auto-entered calculation?

                   It should be a field of type calculation and should be set up as Unstored by clicking the storage options button in the specify calculation dialog.

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                     It is a calc with unstored data. I have entered everything exactly as I have seen in examples, but no matter what I put in for sample data, the calculation for the balance always remains blank. 

                     In order to get what I need, I did manage to get a working subsummary area, but i still would really like to be able to use the getsummary function, as it is much easier to set up without having to use the sort function.

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                       "Sort function"? GetSummary only works with sorted found sets. You still have to sort your records. If it is not sorted by the Break field you use as the break field parameter, you get an empty result.

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                         Thank you very much. I did not realize that the getsummary function had to be sorted by the break field. I thought it just automatically did that. That fixed everything. Thanks again!