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GetSummary Issue

Question asked by leftear13 on Aug 26, 2013
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GetSummary Issue


     I have a report that summarizes Total Supplier Sales (Total Sales), Cost of Goods (Label Net), Margin (Gross Margin), shipping costs (Ship Expense) and Net Margin, after shipping costs (Net Margin).


     Totals Sales, Label Net, Gross Margin and Ship Expense are summary fields while Net Margin is a calculation using the GetSummary function.

     Everything works great except the GetSummary field at the bottom which provides totals of the data by customer for each vendor.


     My report includes three sub-summary parts.  The first is sorted by VendorID, the second is sorted by CustomerID and the third is sorted by VendorID.  


     How can I get the calculation to calculate correctly when summarizing customer totals?