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GetSummary, right function

Question asked by TKnTexas on Aug 16, 2010
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GetSummary, right function


I was thinking of using Filemaker to read a daily report from posting invoices in our AP System.  The report shows any variances of posting invoices against the purchase orders on a line item basis.  Keyers have a little "wiggle" room ($5 per invoice).  

Currently we print the report and manually review it for variances that exceed that.  Starting October 1, the volume of invoices processed with increase by 50%, and then January 1, that number will double.  The report is currently printing about 900 lines of PO/invoice detail.  This is a daily review before posting in our accounting system.  

I have the report parsed out.  I have a key that is the voucher number+invoice number.  Some invoices have 15-20 lines of detail.  Doing this with an electronic review.  I created a subtotal part to sum the variances per invoices.  However, I don't want to print the whole report, I only want to print those invoices for which the absolute value of the variance exceeds $5.  

I thought I could create a GetSummary field and do a search on that.  But that did not work.  Am I using the wrong function?