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Question asked by ScottAR on Dec 15, 2014
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Hello. I've been using FMP11 for a long time, as I hadn't had a need for the features of newer versions... until one particular one caught my eye:

But knowing the GetThumbnail function exists doesn't quite answer some practical questions. Without getting bogged down in details, here's the setup and the issues: 

I have a BIG database (30k records) of a database of images (again, without getting into details, my situation made FM a better option than a graphic database). It contains a lot of relevant text fields and a single container field that contains a thumbnail. With FMP11, I'd basically scripted (using non-FM tools) to copy an image selected in Finder, resize it proportionally to 500 pixels horizontally, and paste that into the container.

The database has gotten VERY big (22gb), presumably because of tens of thousands of embedded images in that container field.

My questions, therefore, are these:

1) would the GetThumbnail function result in a smaller database?

2) how would I go about converting the existing database to use the function in place without having to re-import a vast number of image?  Would something like this ("Putting It on Autopilot") work to convert the existing images, or only on those that are later imported?

3) Would I need to create an empty copy of the existing database--i.e., with the same fields, except with GetThumbnail for the container, and then import the existing database into it?