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    Getting a field to pop up within another field



      Getting a field to pop up within another field


      Ok, simple inventory database.  Under Categories, I have 10-11 of them.  Under each of those I have 10-100 items that I have created under individual Value Lists. 


      How can I have one field "Categories" on my layout, click on "Office Supplies" from a drop down, and immediately have the "Office Supplies" items show up in another drop down?  Then ideally from this drop down, another drop down would show up asking for "quantity".


      Any clue?


      Right now I have all the Categories as seperate fields with drop down menus, and seperate quantity fields for each one,  and it is cluttered.  Hoping to make it more "automated"



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          What you need is a table for the items to be selected in the second value list. Each record (itemsupply) will have a category assigned. The first value list will be based on the category field so it will be dynamic - new categories will appear when you enter new categories in the table.


          The second value list will be based on a relationship from your inventory table to your itemsupply table that links the category fields. This value list will show only the items that match via the relationship - that is those items that have the same category of that selected.


          Difficult to explain and if I could post a sample file I would ;) Post again if you need further help setting this up.