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Getting a percent in a report subsummary field

Question asked by NonProfitEducationUser on Oct 13, 2014
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Getting a percent in a report subsummary field



I am having trouble with creating a percent of a total in subsummary fields. I am trying to calculate the percent of male and female attendees based on a total of the attendees in their county.  All fields are in the same table occurrence.

I tried following the example found here but I'm not really sure how to change it to fit my situation:

But I am getting blanks as was mentioned. I have the field in a subsummary section of a report. (I have no issues with the grand summary- I use a calculation field there).

I am using this calculation:

(GetSummary ( CoSumMales ; CoCounty)) / (GetSummary ( CoSumGenders; CoCounty))

Where CoSumMales is a summary field of males. And CoCounty refers to the cohorts county. CoSumGenders is a summary of all the males + females.

The report is sorted by educator, and then by county. (Even when I just sort by county, the calculation still isn't working).

I am looking for a report that would look like this:

Teacher A Name

      County A              total number of participants                  %male   %female

       County B              total number of participants                  %male   %female

Teacher B Name

      County C              total number of participants                  %male   %female

       County D              total number of participants                  %male   %female

GRAND TOTAL     total participants   %male %female.


The totals and the grant totals work fine; I just can't get a % for each gender based on the county.

I know how to make a number (like .6) in to a percent for the report, I just don't know how to get FM to return that first number for me.


Thanks for your help.