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Getting a portal to show (filter) only the found set

Question asked by miw on Jan 13, 2011
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Getting a portal to show (filter) only the found set


I have a simple database with a table called "Inventory".  In realtionships, I also created a duplicate table, "Inventory2" that links the InventoryID field.  I did this so that in my main Inventory window, I can show inventory details as well as have a portal (based on Inventory2) that shows a listing of Inventory.  On this layout, I can do a search on InventoryName (in my main table for the layout which is "Inventory") to get a subset of the Inventory that matches my search.  How can I also get my Inventory2 portal just to show those Inventory IDs that match my Inventory search?  I have tried various portal filters with out good results.  Any ideas?