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Getting A Sum From a Parent Record

Question asked by RonCates on Jan 5, 2011
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Getting A Sum From a Parent Record


I have a report that is working very well except for one part that I must be missing something on.

Two tables


The report is based on the invoices table. It sorts and sums invoices by year, job, status and so forth. Each job has a number of sets. In the report I am trying to add a total number of sets in the Trailing grand summary part. I tried a summary field in Jobs placed in the trailing grand summary but no luck. I tried a calculation field in Jobs with the sum(sets). No good. I tried a calc field with get summary to the summary field in Jobs. Still no good. As far as I can tell it is just pulling the number from 1 job record.

So what is the trick to pulluing a summary from the parent table in this kind of report?