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Getting a total of related items

Question asked by mattlawless on May 2, 2010
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Getting a total of related items




Apologies if this has been covered previously but I have spent 2 days looking up a solution without success.


I am trying to set up an order and dispatch management system. I have set up a master order page that has mutiple order items on it relating to the order (one order, several products). The problem I am having is to do with part-shipping the ordered items. Say for example there are 10 x product 1, and 4 x product 2n on the master order. I only have 5 x product 1 in stock and all of product 2 and the client wants me to ship what we have immediately, this means that I have a balance needed to ship of product 1 at a later stage. So I need something to keep track of the quantity of shipped items on a per line-item basis.


I have tried using sub-summaries which are accurately calculating the number of shipped items when sorted by the master order and product codes, but cannot get the result to be usable within the master order layout (to keep a running total of the quatities that have shipped from a particular order).


This is my first post here so I am not sure if this question give sufficient detail, but happy to provide whatever detail you may need to help answer the question...


Thanks in advance,