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Getting Active Tab

Question asked by MorkAfur on Jan 29, 2015
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Getting Active Tab


Trying to get the active Tab, so you can run code before that tab loads (like a "click" event, which I wished we had), using this technique as recommended by David Jondreau, did not work for me:

 GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "Renewals" ; "IsFrontTabPanel" ).

Although I created a Name = "Renewals" in the inspector and added the script to the onPanelSwitch Event, the script does not fire as the "Renewals" tab loads. Instead, the script runs as I click another tab and at that point FMP realizes, ahh, the "Renewals" tab is front.

However, this behavior doesn't help me at all if I want to prepare a tab before the user sees it.


This is a follow up to an earlier posting ( where Phil suggested using:

Get ( TriggerTargetPanel )

(This is also a slightly different situation than the posting referenced above.)

This works as expected!!!!


Excellent again, Phil. :)

- m