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    Getting data from another filemaker file



      Getting data from another filemaker file


      Ive got a database with a information about the account holder. the fields ive got are AccountName, Position and Signature.


      In another database Iam creating reports which has two places to contain the above information for Report Prepared by and  Report Issued by. The fields i have are


      Report Prepared by                           Report Issued by

      Prepared by position                         Issued by position

      Prepared by signature                       Issued by signature


      Ive got Names in the Report Prepared by and Report Issued by that will match records in AccountName field in the first database. What I want to do is check the names listed in Report Prepared by and Report Issued by and place the related position and signature in the other fields


      Windows Vista Filemaker 10


      Cheers Jon



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          Hi Jon,


          You might want to leave your Accounts table alone.  In your graph, select Accounts and hit the 'double plus' to create a second occurrence of Accounts.  Name it Accounts_Preparer.  Then relate this table occurrence to Reports as:


          Reports::Prepared By = Accounts_Preparer::Account Name


          ... then place Position and Signature fields from Accounts_Preparer directly on your Reports layout.  Repeat with Issued By (creating another occurrence of Accounts called Accounts_Issuer).


          You do not need fields in your reports table for the Position and Signature.  Since you have a relationship back to Accounts (and the Accounts table is the 'one' side to 'many' reports, you can use the relationship to pull and display data in Reports as required.  This is the basis of normalization - data only appears once in a solution and the information is displayed (through relationships) as required.  And that is why I named the Accounts table - so you can easily tell by the table/field name, which relationship (person) is being displayed on your reports when you place them. :smileyhappy:

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            Thank you so much!!:smileyhappy:  I was trying to over complicate it with scripts.



            I'll get the hang of this filemaker one day


            Thanks again :)