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    Getting data from one file to another



      Getting data from one file to another


      Before we updated to FM 9.0, we could input a field (id number) and then hit tab and the rest of the info (name, address, etc) would appear in the corresponding fields of the new record from another FM file. Now, after defining field relationships between the two files, I can't get the info from the second file into the first. What have I omitted and how do I fix it?

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          I can think of at least three ways this could have been set up.


          1. The other fields could be related fields from the other file/table.
          2. A lookup could be defined to physically copy data from the other file/table into matching fields in this file/table.
          3. An auto-enter calculation could have have been defined to copy data from the other file.

          I suspect 2, possibly 3, but option 1 can't be ruled out.


          You'll need to determine whether each field is a related field or part of the current table's field set. Enter browse mode and double-click each field. The dialog box that pops up will identify the name of the table occurrence from which the field comes. If this table is different from the table of the field where you input the ID number it's option 1. Check your relationship and the values of your key fields and check to see what might be broken.


          If the fields are all part of the same table as the input number field, we're looking at options 2 and 3. FInd them in Manage | Database | Fields and check their auto-enter field options (double click each fields definition). You may find that changes are needed in these settings or just as in option 1, you may have a problem with the relationship on which they're based.