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Getting data from previous record....

Question asked by GlennMaan on Apr 8, 2014
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Getting data from previous record....



     I am new to Filemaker and really like the potential of the program. I have used excel a lot for my work and I want to use Filemaker instead. However, I struggle with handling data because I still think in an Excel way...i believe...:) Now I have the problem of getting data from a previous record. In Excel it is easy, just make a reference to the previous cell. But how do I do this in Filemaker. What I want to do is this:

     I have a record for every month in the year where there is a field which contains a start value (beginning of month) and a stop value (the end of the mont). The stop value of the previous month is the start value for the next month (the next record). How can I get the last field value in a record to be the start value in the next record? In other words lets say this is the january record:

     Start Value:  2000

     Stop Value: 2500

     Then in the february record, I want this to be the default value when the record is created:

     Start Value:  "the stop value of the january record"