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Getting field contents and setting field

Question asked by JoelMG on Sep 24, 2011
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Getting field contents and setting field


Two beginner's questions, please:

The scenario:  A script which takes user input and generates new records in one table/layout from a found set of records in another table/layout.

Specificially:  The script now does a Find, generating a found set in Layout1.  The user is then asked for an ID number.  I want to generate new records in Layout2, placing the ID number in Field1 of all new records, and populating Field2 with contents of a field from Layout1 of the found set.

The two problems I'm having:

Question 1: How do I place the ID number in the new records?  It automatically places it in new record 1.  How do I place it in the others?

Question 2: How do I "get" the contents of a field from Layout1 into Layout2?  I understand Set Field.  But getField in a calculation gets the contents of only the first record.  Can I specify to get field contents from the next record in the set?

I'd appreciate any advice.  Thanks.