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    Getting File Path from Containers



      Getting File Path from Containers


      Mac Lion FMP12.0

      I want to get the text file path from a .jpg picture located on a network hard drive.  A Container contains the .jpg file as reference.  I need this filepath to be adjustable if the Database file is relocated or the hard drive path changes.

      Currently i get it "Mac" friendly as icons, not text.  Any thoughts or guidance is welcome.


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          If inserted with Insert Picture and "store a reference":

          Get Value ( Yourtable::YourContainerField ; 3 )

          If inserted with Insert File and "store a reference":

          Get Value ( Yourtable::YourContainerField ; 2 )

          If store a reference was not specified when inserting the file, there isn't a filepath in the container field to access.

          If you want to get a detailed picture of exactly what text may be accessed in the container field, uset GetasText ( containerfield ) in the data viewer or show custom dialog or define a calculation field to return text and put a reference to the container field as the sole term in it's calculation. Then put the field next to the container field. It's quite educational to see what all is in that field. (And the text inside a container field can be modified with a Replace Field contents operation just as though it were a text field.)

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            I searched documentation, forums, et al. and didn't see this.

            Insert Picture is what did and then exported it to a netdrive and then Re-Insert that remote picture to find the file path.

            This is the file info returned as you said:




            What is still puzzling is the bold file path?

            By the way it is what Mac's icon represented.  I would have thought it would have been like this

            // Secure/Backup/RefTest/GreetClient.png

            Secure is the name of the Computer with the hard drive named Backup. in a folder named RefTest

            Imagemac: = // Secure      ???

            Where did you find this info on Container value list?Cool


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              Once you have extracted the filepath, you sometimes have to do a little surgery on it to get what you need for other purposes.

              Where did you find this info on Container value list?

              Posts in this forum plus my own experiments.

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                Google "container filepath site:forums.filemaker.com"   returns results only from these forums . . .

                Link #1   Display file container file path and file name
                Title:  Display file container file path and file name
                   July 27, 2010
                Post:  I use container fields to store file.  And I checked the "store only a reference to the file" for each file.  I can load the file when I double click the container fields on the browse mode.  How can I display the file path and file name of each field?  I intent to display the full path and file name when I single click each container field.

                Define calculation fields that returns text and use these expressions to return the file path of a store by reference file:
                cFilePath: GetValue ( containerField ; 2 )
                cFileName: Middle ( cFilePath ; Position ( cFilePath ; "/" ; Length ( cFilePath ) ; - 1 ) + 1 ; 999 )
                Title:  How to display the actual File Path instead of just a "ghost" of the file???
                Post:  Does anyone know the best way to perhaps create a "Script" or a "Calculation" whereby the actual field will display the actual filepath i.e.:  desktop / My Docs / pic3 instead of just the "ghost" pic of the file?
                Which functions does one use for this type of display?

                Make sure that the file was inserted with the store by reference option selected.
                This doesn't work if you insert an actual copy of the file into the container field.

                Which insert option are you using to insert the file?
                Store by reference stores the entire filepath plus additional data in the field. If you want to see all the text, define a calculation field set to return text and just enter the name of your container field as its calculation, then put this field next to your container field. You'll then see exactly what text is entered each time you insert a file or picture.

                In a test file where I used insert file, I get this text:
                filewin:/C:/Documents and Settings/Phil/My Documents/My Pictures/RaceCars/Bentley-Le-Mans-Racer.jpg
                GetValue ( ContainerFIeld ; 2 ) will return the second line which is the complete filepath.

                When I use Insert Picture, I get:
                image:../../My Documents/My Pictures/RaceCars/Bentley-Le-Mans-Racer.jpg
                imagewin:/C:/Documents and Settings/Phil/My Documents/My Pictures/RaceCars/Bentley-Le-Mans-Racer.jpg

                And thus I use 3 instead of 2 to get the third line of text.

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                  I just found out a really neat trick to file paths, at least on Mac Lion and Safari and Firefox browsers.


                  Open your browser and drag a copy of file to the URL box in Safari and drop.

                  Wah lahhhh

                  The document appears in your browser and the URL contains the file path.


                  Thanks for the help, all!


                  PS: i will try Google search in future.

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                    Works in FireFox on windows too, but you can drag to anywhere on the web browser page.