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Getting FileMaker Prospective Client Referrals?

Question asked by MorkAfur on Oct 26, 2014


Getting FileMaker Prospective Client Referrals?


Does FileMaker give developers leads for prospective clients at any level?

What I'm finding, counter intuitively, is that in the service industry, prospective clients who could benefit most from FMP type solutions, seem to be the ones least willing to consider or adopt it.

One of our local user groups only has three members and sometimes doesn't meet some months due to lack of interest, apparently. There are only a few FMP books around.

I'm therefore wondering how widespread FMP actually is and whether this is a good place to continue spending marketing time.

Maybe I'm marketing FMP wrong?

I love FMP and use it a lot for my own projects, but am starting to think of FMP more like Access. With Java, MySQL, and other free technologies, FMP, especially the now even more expensive (in 13) server (pay by ... concurrent connection, seriously?), is a tough sell. Due to the new pay by concurrent connection, I've abandoned FMP Server completely.

Just wondering what others' experiences might be and how people find FMP clients.