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Getting foreign key from related table?

Question asked by jjfcpa_1 on Jul 26, 2010
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Getting foreign key from related table?


I have 3 tables:




I have a Clients layout for entering clients, a Loans layout for entering loans, and a Payments layout for displaying payments.

I have entered a client on the client layout and have a button to Add / Edit loans.  It takes you to the Loans layout so you can enter the parameters for the loan.  There are no client fields on the layout.  When I add a loan, the _kf_clients_id is empty.

Obviously, I want it to pull the _kp_clients_id from the clients table when a record is added to the loans table.

The tables are related as follows:

Client to Loans - _kp_client_id -> _kf_client_id

Loans to Payments - _kp_loans_id -> _kf_loans_id

I tried putting a "calculated value" in the _kf_client_id field in the loans table by simply specifying the _kp_client_id field in the clients table, but that didn't work.

I tried putting in a lookup value in the loans _kf_client_id field, but I figured that wouldn't work because it's empty when the record is created.  

Can someone put me in the right direction.

Incidentally, I don't want a portal on the Client's layout due to space limitations.